Basement Finishing

How to Make Your Basement a More Usable Space

How to Make Your Basement a More Usable Space

Here we explain Popular Basement Finishing Ideas

If your basement is currently unused and neglected, why not take advantage of that extra square footage and turn it into a fully-functioning room that your entire family can enjoy? Basement finishing not only adds to the satisfaction of your home, it will also add to your home’s value.

Continue reading to learn six popular basement finishing ideas, and imagine just how much enjoyment you would get out of a finished basement of your own!

Entertainment Room

Entertainment Room

An entertainment room, a.k.a. TV room, game room, or “man cave,” is an awesome addition to any home. It’s the perfect place to have the family movie night or invite friends over to watch the big game. A basement entertainment room could have a pool table, 3-D television, fully-stocked bar, or foosball table. Whatever you decide in terms of furnishings, a basement entertainment room will likely become the focal point of your home!

Home Gym

gym room

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Why pay $800 a year for a gym membership when you can have all the gym you’d ever need in the comfort of your own home? A finished basement home gym offers a convenient and hassle-free way to stay in shape. Plus, you’ll find it easier to fit in a workout during a hectic and stressful workday. Get in great shape, save money on gas, and limit the wear and tear on your car by setting up a home gym in your basement.

Home Office

Nowadays, more and more people are self-employed or contract freelancers who work from home. However, it’s difficult to feel like you’ve “left the office” when your office is in the main living area of your home. Your computer and files are always right there, visible, reminding you of unfinished business. It’s also easy to become distracted by the ever-so-tempting television or by your children or pets in a centrally-located home office.

Home Office

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Setting up an office in a finished basement is a great way to increase productivity, avoid distractions, and accomplish more during the workweek. Plus, you’ll feel like you finally have a separate room solely dedicated to working. At the end of a long day, you can go upstairs and forget about work and take a much-needed mental break!


Let’s suppose you’re an avid book collector or maybe you’re a pack-rat who’s unwilling to get rid of a terribly old book. What better way to store and display your book collection than in a basement library? There, you can browse your collection, put your feet up and read in a quiet room. Although basements are often quite humid, running an eco-friendly Sundry basement dehumidifier will help remove excess moisture and keep your books in mint condition.

Home Library

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Extra or Guest Bedroom

If your family is expanding or you frequently have guests over to stay at your home, a finished basement bedroom is a great way to give everyone the privacy they want and need.


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Children’s Playroom

If you find yourself constantly tripping over toys and trying to organize your children’s things, turn your currently unused basement into a children’s playroom. A finished basement is a perfect place for children to play games, play with toys, and read. You can set up a bookshelf full of children’s books and instill the value of learning. You can even let your children paint the walls their favorite color. The possibilities are endless in a finished basement playroom!

Kids Play room

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