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Finding the Right Finish Basement Designs For You

There are many things you need to consider when deciding on finish basement designs. What room do you want and why? Here are some things you will need to think about when deciding on finish basement designs.


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The first thing you need to do is know what you want to do with the basement, in terms of what kind of room you want to transform it into. There are many things you can change a basement into, and all of them will bring a great improvement to the value of your home.

You can use your basement for a home gym, a home office, a home theater, a home studio, a home bar, a family room or a guest room. Those are only some ideas.

Home Office Renovation

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A basement office is a fantastic area for starting your own business or doing your work at home – it’s usually away from everyone and no one will get in your way. This is an advantage that works with all the things mentioned above.

Home Library Renovation

Basement Library renovation

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Something many other people are doing these days is using their basement for their library. Space can be used incredibly effectively with bookshelves and a nice table and reading chair in the middle. If you get proper lighting in and do a good job with the décor this would be an excellent room for this sort of thing. It can also then be used as a studying area for the kids in school.

Play Area Renovation

The room could also be transformed into a play area for the younger kids, as they will then be able to make as much noise as they want without interfering with everyone else.

kids play area

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Once you’ve decided on the kind of room you want you obviously have to look at your budget. All of the above ideas can be done for very little cost, or they can be done at an enormous cost. The state your basement is in now will also have an effect on how much money you need to put in.

Flooring Renovation

Flooring renovation

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Once you know your budget you need to consider the decor of the room. Will you go for tiles or carpets? Tiles are usually better because basements can be very damp. Tiles with rugs work well, though. You might also want to consider vinyl flooring renovation as well.

Home Studio

The kind of wall you need would depend on what look you want and what you want to do as well. Some walls absorb sound very well, and these would be very effective for a home studio, for instance. Others can make the basement look very much like an office and this may be what you would want for a home office.

home studio

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It’s important to keep furniture in mind. Many people don’t consider the overall look and practicality of the room with regards to the furniture. For example, a home studio requires furniture that is comfortable and that would do a good job of concealing all the cabling that needs to be in the room. A lot of people don’t think about that.

Then it’s the real practicalities, such as finding a solution to getting rid of the moisture in the room and how to keep it dry. Also, you need to consider how to keep it warm. There are many solutions to this, such as heated mats or under floor heating; plus the sub-floor and flooring you use will make a big difference with the moisture. You will need to research your options here.

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