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Cork Flooring Is The Best Basement Flooring

The basement is a room that is built underneath the ground floor. It requires a lot of professionalism so that the result will be successful. Cork flooring is the best for basement flooring. The floor is of great importance as it contributes to the warmth that will be found in that room

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When one is installing the cork flooring one has to test the moisture levels so that one can know if the cork tiles will fit well. The installation advice is the one that should be followed so that one can know the requirements. This is also offered by the professionals who have carried out a thorough research in that field. Some owners of the homes have this knowledge which is of great importance as they will be able to install the flooring in the best way possible.

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The moisture levels are tested so that the durability period of the tiles will be prolonged. This can also be done so that one will know the period in which they will last. There are adhesives that are used which are very sensitive to moisture which contributes to the reason why it is to be tested prior to the installation process. The cork underlayment that is to be used should be the one that has moisture resistant. The reason why the cork underlayment is used is because it is very solid which makes it be hard to compress making it be very excellent as the floor will always remain in contact. The moisture protection layer that is found in it makes the floor to last for long without the tiles being damaged. There is what is known as the R-value which makes it possible for the floor to be raised when there is the need for it.

Why test moisture in cork flooring?

Moisture has been known to be a very dangerous thing, especially during the installation process. This is because it interferes with how the tiles will be raised. When the levels have been tested one will know the resistant that are to be used alongside the adhesives so that the tiles can stay in the way that they are supposed. When the levels are too high there are some chemicals that are used to lower them to the normal levels so that the cork flooring will be more durable.

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Tools used with cork tiles

It is better to know the tools that are used when one is installing the cork tiles. This is because one will know which tool is to be used for each stage. One can buy the tools if he is installing on his own or hire a professional who will come with all the tools. Failure to have some of the tools will make the process not to be successful. Some tools include broom pencil, carpenter’s square, safety goggles, a tape measure, utility knife, short knap for polyurethane, paint roller, saw which is optional, and 4 ft or 6 ft level a 75-110 lb roller. The importance of these tools is listed on the guide that one is provided with so that the process can be quick.

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