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Basement Remodeling and Renovation Designs from Expert Advice

Basement Remodeling and Renovation Designs from Expert Advice

No matter how limited the space of your basement, you are going to maximize that area in your house with apt basement designs. Knowing the different basement designs is a crucial step in remodeling your basement to your satisfaction. The design incorporates all aspects of remodeling from the ceiling to the basement floor.

Seek Expert Advice :

Basement measurements design

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If you are a “handyman” type of person, meaning you have remodeling skills or willing to learn them, then it is better to accomplish the intended design yourself. You have complete liberty to re-create your basement. But then, even if you intend to do it yourself, it is better to consult the opinion of the professionals. A contractor, for instance, is more experienced about building codes, maximizing basement size, and repair tasks.

Small Basement Design

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You can avoid the common pitfalls that do-it-yourself commit by seeking the professional advice of a contractor during the planning stages. You can just draw the design and have the contractor see it for his opinion. After all, you do not have to pay the contractor in full for remodeling, only for the consultation service.

Measure and Design :

Basically, basement designs are the options you want your basement to look after remodeling. Unless you want to transform your basement solely into a home office all by yourself, you better ask other family members for their suggestions. It has become a trend nowadays to remodel basement into a space for family entertainment or even a bar room for guests.

Basement living room

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During the early phase of remodeling, measure the floor space of the basement, as well as the floor to ceiling area. Knowing the amount of space will give you a clearer idea as to the ceiling, bedroom and bathroom space, stairways and lighting. It will also provide you a better estimate as to the total budget for the remodeling effort.

Here are some of the things that you may want to include in your basement design:

  • Bar room
  • Entertainment area like a mini living room
  • Playing area for goofing around or playing computer games with family,
  • Home theater
  • Billiards table
  • Study room
  • Home office
  • Bedroom
  • Fitness center
Basement living room measurement

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The basement does not need to include all those enumerated above. But if you are mindful of the available floor space, then you are in good position to adjust and resize some of your intended areas. If you want to have a bedroom or two in the basement, you should bear in mind the local regulations regarding windows and emergency exits.

A basement with a well-designed staircase can also complement the overall look. Mull over well where to place the staircase. The size of the basement bathroom does not need to be as large as the house comfort rooms. But if you strategically place the basement bathroom, you can even opt for a door-less bathroom.

Basement well-designed staircase

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Your desired look for the new basement is the ultimate point regarding how you want your basement to end up to be. You can look at the sample basement designs from magazines or from the portfolio of your contractor for ideas. But in the end, it is how you want to use and enjoy the space in your basement that will guide your decision.

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