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Basement Construction and Important Aspects of Design

The decision of having a basement constructed in your house is a very big one and comes with a lot of factors which you must consider. These factors are important especially when it comes down to your investment.

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Initially, you need to be sure that construction work can be performed, in the case of renovations, be extra sure that your basement does not have leaks and especially that it is waterproof. As the renovation requires water consumption, a waterproof basement would mean lesser damage and lower costs of clean up once renovation has completed.

Now that you have made necessary precautions for renovations, you can now finally decide your basement layout and design.

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If you are adding a completely new basement to an existing house structure, then the construction will be much more difficult. Obviously, the construction will have to traverse around the house supporting the top levels while adding a completely new basement at the bottom. You can easily imagine that such a venture is both prone to risks and will incur a lot of expenditure.

For new home builders, the choice of adding a basement rests at the beginning of construction. Again, it is a bad idea to think of basement construction after have constructed the upper levels. So plan ahead in time and go for the basement if you have a remote desire for doing so to avoid skyrocketing costs.

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Be aware of the fact that construction is long, lengthy project. The time frame stems from the fact that once the basement is constructed, it is not finished immediately. Instead, it is left unfinished to allow it to settle particularly with reference to soil.

Once the settling has taken place, then additional and necessary work can be done on it. This includes waterproofing, checking for leaks etc. Additionally, it also becomes apparent that the land on which the basement has been constructed is solid enough to hold the entire building.

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There is a class of people who do not want to add the additional waterproofing step to their basements because of the costs. Sometimes people avoid the finishing until after all the construction has completed getting a better idea of basement settlement.

Nonetheless, in larger constructions, it is usually ensured that the work on basement finishing can immediately begin as soon as it is constructed. This is due to well-experienced constructors who construct the house the slope of land around the foundation. Additionally, a solid foundation is constructed. All in all, you can move to your new house with all the work finished as well.

Basement construcation

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If you are in this fix of having a basement constructed on the house you already own, then be thorough in your design. If you cut corners and try to save on the costs you might end up having a non-solid or unreliable finished basement. It might cost you very less, but not only will you be living on top of an unstable basement, but also you will end up spending much more regularly for repairs due to cheaper and worn out materials.

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